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Special Needs Dogs Rescue List

Rescue groups are special people! Every year, special needs dogs are transferred out of our shelter into smaller shelters or rescue foster homes for the care they need. We deeply appreciate the commitment of our rescue partners in helping us save more dogs.

The dogs on this page are not available for general adoption because they have special medical and/or behavioral needs that we are not able to appropriately treat here.

We are asking for help from any approved 501c3 rescue group with the resources to assist them! In general, any special needs dog may be transferred to an approved rescue for the cost of the dog license. We may also be able to assist by spaying or neutering the special needs dog for the rescue prior to release. Please contact our rescue team to discuss any special needs dog that your rescue is interested in helping.

  • If you are a rescue group, but have not worked with us previously, please contact us to apply.
  • If you are an individual (not affiliated with a rescue group) but would like to help with one of our special needs dogs, please contact an approved rescue group to volunteer your services. For a list of rescues who would welcome your assistance with a special needs dog, please use this link. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If you are a rescue organization interested in working with the shelter, please review our New Hope Program.


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