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Jack - 134228

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Rescue notes

Source - Owner Surrender.
Age - 2 years.
Sex - Neutered Male.
Breed - Large Mix.
Weight - 54 lbs.

**UPDATE** 10/12 If Jack doesn't have rescue commitment prior to 10/19 he will be up for reevaluation at that time.

**UPDATE** 9/13 He did well with the cat interaction and I believe he will do well with cats if introduced properly; He sniffed the crate and walked away several times; He was also very easily called away from the crate when sniffing.

**UPDATE** 9/05 He was calm while outside but once we went inside the building and went into a room with toys he really opened up; He is a goofy and very playful guy.
Bio - Jack is rescue only due to behavior; He has displayed fearful behaviors since arriving at the shelter; While in the exam room on his 5th day here he bit vet staff when they attempted to pet him and see if he had fleas; The bite didn't break skin but happened without warning; We have attempted to do a heartworm test several times in different areas of the shelter and due to his behavior we were unable to get the test done.
He was surrendered due to them not being able to care for him; They said he is crate trained, housebroken, likes car rides, would do well in a home with other dogs and children; They did also report that he is fearful with people he doesn't know.
He has participated in playgroup and is social with the other dogs; He would play one on one with a few dogs but mainly kept to himself.

Breed: Large Mix Breed

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 08/2017

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