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Rico - 127543

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Sweet and active little guy
  • He loves tennis balls and squeaky toys.
  • His favorite game is fetch but won't give up the toy very quickly; He did allow me to take it from his mouth without issue though.
  • Rico is a 5 yr old neutered male Medium Mix, 28 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to his designation of nuisance; He chased a girl when she stepped off the school bus (he was already running loose prior to her getting off of the bus); There were reportedly several incidents with Rico but only this one was called in.
  • Dog interaction: Approached when other dog?s back was turned, sniffed but when face to face started to bark loudly and charge other dog, seemed uncomfortable with face to face interaction.
  • He was surrendered by his owners because they were no longer able to care for him; He can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Rico's video.

Rescue notes

Vet Notes: 2/02 Very nervous with restraint, seems conflicted and not food motivated/easily distracted. Adult neutered male. mm pink and moist, CRT<2sec, mild dental tartar, healthy gums. EENT - eyes bright and clear; ear canals clean and dry; wet nose; benign TP. Peripheral LN WNL. Healthy skin and hair coat except for some thinning of hairs over knuckles from suspected "stress licking." Grade 2 L apical murmur repeatedly heard, resp arrhythmia. Shallow panting, lungs clear. Abdominal palp very tense, slight gasses and gurgles, no obvious masses appreciated. Comfortable head/neck ROM, forelimbs appear comfortable with mild bilateral carpal valgus, no spine discomfort, very narrow rear leg stance and resents hip ROM with lip curling for ROM, knees appear stable, limited rear leg muscle mass. Neutered male. Ok for rescue.

Breed: Medium Mix Breed

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 01/2014

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