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Atticus - 126963

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Big Bear
  • **UPDATE** 2/04 Leonberger Rescue unable to pull due to bite history; Suggested the rescue who pulls him due a full thyroid panel as it is breed characteristics to have thyroid issues which may lead to aggression.
  • He is great with adults and seems housebroken.
  • Atticus is a 3 yr old neutered male Leonberger, 102 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior; He was returned for biting the child in the home; The bite did not break skin and the dog was not designated.
  • He was in his crate and the child was standing still in the same room; When he exited his cage he immediately went for the child grabbing the leg and began to shake and pull the child; The owner was able to remove Atticus from the childs leg; He left a bruise on the childs leg.
  • Dog interaction: 1/17 loose, tail relaxed, tolerant of hd but more interested in seeing observer.
  • He was originally a stray; He was aggressive in the field and had to be maced prior to entering the shelter; After entering the shelter he displayed what seemed like fear aggression towards people; He did improve fairly quickly though.
  • He can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Atticus' video.

Rescue notes

Bright alert and responsive and interactive this AM on walk thru, appetite appropriate, brought to clinic for focal recheck examination. Tolerant. Mild oily debris in canals in both ears, suspect topical treatment given texture and scent, no significant erythema or canal inflammation, no significant aural discharge observed, no head shaking. Medically sound for rescue; however, significant number of concerning notes exist from previous stay at shelter 1 week ago (despite improvement while here), now has been returned for an unprovoked bite to a child. Do not believe safe for adoption floor at this time. Flipping status back to behavior retest to determine if ok for rescue.

Breed: Leonberger

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 01/2016

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