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Zoey - 126564

Sweet but scared
  • She knows sit and takes treats very nicely.
  • Zoey is a 3 1/2 yr old spayed female Large Mix breed, 62 lbs.
  • She is rescue only due to medical; She is heartworm positive; Heska - HW +, Blood Smear - microfilaria positive.
  • Dog interaciton: Ignored HD, did not approach, explored yard, urinated then kicked grass in HD's direction, no aggression but she is likely fear inhibited at this time, would suggest interaction between dogs if another lives in the home or for her to be the only dog.
  • She was an owner surrender so she can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Zoey's video.

Rescue notes

Vet notes: 1/10 Adult female spayed large mixed breed. QAR and tentatively interactive upon entering exam room. Moderately fearful in clinic setting, dilated pupils, tail tucked, too stressed to eat wet food/treats offered. Severely head shy, moved stethescope off of neck and over DVMs head to auscult and Zoey pancaked to the ground. Tolerated full exam. MM pink, CRT < 2 sec, BCS 5/9; EENT: Teeth - mild to moderate dental disease, apparent wear and overcrowding of incisors mandibular > maxillary, mild dental staining with associated tartar/calculus observed, ears/eyes/nose - wnl; CV: nsf, no murmur ausculted, femoral pulses strong/synchronous; Resp: normal bronchovesicular sounds all quadrants; Integument: apparently full/clean haircoat, nsf; Abdomen: soft/comfortable on palpation, nsf; Ortho: full/comfortable rom all joints, gait wnl, symmetrical muscling; Urogenital: spay scar palpable. Heska - HW +, Blood Smear - microfilaria positive. Treatment: 1. Trazodone 100 mg PO BID 2. Doxycycline 250 mg PO BID x 10 d 3. Benadryl 2 mg/kg SQ 4. Kong PO SID (am) x 7 d 5. Open Paw Program Due to heartworm positive status and significant fear level in shelter setting, best suited for rescue at this time. Starting counter conditioning with kongs daily to alter Zoey's emotional response to unfamiliar people approaching her kennel, adding open paw.

Breed: Large Mix Breed

Sex: Female

Date of Birth (estimated): 07/2015

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