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Wally - 126755

No interest
Very fearful
  • **UPDATE** 1/30 He is in our Shy Dog program and one of the volunteers that walked him today said, "He is great walking on leash, listens when you tell him to sit, likes treats, and is happy when he's outside on walks".
  • He is nervous and hard to read at times.
  • He does like to play tug of war but gets amped and mouthy.
  • Wally is a 1 yr old neutered male Pit type dog, 47 lbs.
  • He is available for rescue due to behavior; He continues to be fearful and has displayed unpredictable aggression (completely unprovoked) towards staff on several occasions.
  • The first incident was when he grabbed a blanket a staff member was carrying and then proceeded to try to bit the staff member; Another staff member was able to grab his leash but he remained focused on the initial staff person and kept growling at that person.
  • The second incident was when he lunged aggressively towards a staff member when they were just walking by; This staff member had just had Wally out for a walk and gave him treats; He remained focused on that person until he was removed from the area.
  • Dog interaction: Approached slowly, unsure and once face to face showed teeth, nothing further and other dog walked away, uncomfortable with face to face interaction.
  • He can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Wally's video.

Rescue notes

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 01/2018

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