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Chazz - 126405

Fearful and Anxious
  • **UPDATE #3** 2/12 Moderate improvement in lameness over past 24 hours with current pain management protocol; Medical team remains concerned for CCL injury (partial vs full); however, improvement observed.
  • **UPDATE #2** Chazz is now considered critically urgent; We are unable to continue to adequately provide for Chazz due to his increased reactivity in the shelter setting, recent bite, and cranial cruciate rupture; We are now asking for rescue assistance that he be pulled within the next 48 hours; If he is not pulled within 48 hours, we may, unfortunately, need to make a difficult decision regarding Chazz?s future.
  • **UPDATE #1** 2/11 This morning it was noticed that he was holding up his right hind limb; After a full medical exam included radiographs it was found that he had a ruptured ccl.
  • Chazz is a 1 1/2 yr old neutered male Pit type dog, 71 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior; He bit a staff member this morning; It did not draw blood so he did not have to go through quarantine and he was not designated.
  • It was brought up that Chazz has had more than one of these instances (with staff and volunteers) but others were not properly reported.
  • It is noted that we would have to monitor his fear, anxiety, and stress in the shelter setting on 1/03 (when he was initially moved to the adoption floor).
  • He was placed in a Real Life Room initially and added to the Shy Dog program; On 1/07 a staff member was unable to remove him from his room so they could clean it because of his behavior (growling and snapping); He was moved to a cage; He has been receiving daily walks, anxiolytics, and enrichment.
  • Dog interaction: 1/02 forward, tail wagging fast, ears forward and soft whining, right in hds face, no manners, assertive but no forward aggression observed.
  • Dog interaction: 1/31 approached hd loose, tail wagging, sniffing hd, allowed hd to sniff, tolerated hd's exuberance, positive interest.
  • He can leave at any time.
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Rescue notes

Vet Notes: 2/11 BAR and interactive this AM on walk thru, appetite appropriate, numerous piles of loose stool observed in back of kennel (FSC 5.5/7), ambulatory x 4 this AM on walk thru.
Early afternoon RVT reported non-weight bearing right hindlimb lameness, brought to clinic for evaluation. Placed muzzle due to bite history for radiographs, muzzle punched assistant in arm when positioning for radiographs before resting with sedation.
Sedation/Pain Management: Buprenorphine 15 mcg/kg, Acepromazine 0.03 mg/kg IV
Right stifle cranial drawer and tibial thrust present, significant discomfort with attempts to extend limb even with sedation (see V/D view), unable to extend passed "frog leg" positioning due to discomfort.
Stifle Radiographs: Right stifle has summation with pelvic radiographs, however additional view show apparent joint effusion.
1. Carprofen 75 mg PO BID x 10 d
2. Gabapentin 300 mg PO BID x 10 d
3. Pepcid 20 mg PO BID x 5 d
Due to Chazz's increased reactivity in the shelter setting, recent bite, and observed cranial cruciate rupture (2/11), Chazz must be pulled within the next 48 hours - URGENT rescue.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 06/2017

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