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Tino - 126581

Anxious and timid
  • **UPDATE 2/06** He participated in our playgroup today with a muzzle; He did very well and played with the dogs.
  • He is easily startled and will pancake to the floor.
  • He is very playful and loves to cuddle up for hugs and pets.
  • Tino is a 4 1/6 yr old neutered male Pit type dog, 62 lbs.
  • He is up for rescue due to behavior; He has continued to be aggressive towards other dogs and he has reportedly been redirecting onto volunteers.
  • It is noted that he is now alarm barking, amped up, growling, and has dilated pupils in his room.
  • The volunteers are now walking him with two people due to his behaviors.
  • Dog interaction: 1/09 TD was worked up and hyper vigilant as soon as he exited his kennel, Very strong pulling to HD, body tense, forward, sniffed HD then lunged and tried to bite HD, tried to introduce again through fence and he didn't settle, pacing, worked up, tried to bite HD again.
  • Dog interaction: 1/11 Small female hd, submissive and fearful - approached hd fast and forward, went behind fencing first.
  • Sniffed hd and allowed hd to sniff, loose, following hd along the fence, sniffing and allowed hd to sniff, tail wagging, went inside fencing, approached fast, pushy intact male but easily called to me (when called would pancake).
  • He was a stray so we don't have any background information for him; He can leave at any time.
Click Here to view tino's video.

Rescue notes

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 07/2014

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