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Titan - 126386

Timid and sweet
  • **UPDATE #3** Titan's behavior has declined rapidly despite daily enrichment and walks.
  • We are unable to continue to adequately provide for Titan given his behavioral decline; We are now asking for rescue assistance that he be pulled within the next 48 hours; If he is not pulled within 48 hours, we may, unfortunately, need to make difficult decisions regarding Titan's future.
  • **UPDATE #2** Today, 1/15, he bit a volunteers arm (did not draw blood but she was wearing a heavy coat) and would not let go, the volunteer had to completely remove the heavy winter coat for him to let go; He is now unsafe for volunteers to walk and it is not humane to house him at the shelter any longer due to his psychological suffering.
  • **UPDATE #1** His video has been updated to show how unstable his hind legs are when he was trying to stand and eat the treats I placed in the front of his cage; It is the last 25 seconds.
  • Titan loves squeaky tennis balls and toys.
  • He knows sit and loves treats; He does take treats a little hard though so may be best with older children.
  • Titan is a 8 yr old intact male Pit type dog, 70 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to medical; He requires additional diagnostics for abnormal mentation and ataxia.
  • The medical exam does mention possible hearing deficits but I noticed visual deficits as well; He takes treats hard (nipped my fingers/hand) but it's like he can't tell exactly where the treat is; He also had a hard time finding the treat when it was tossed his direction.
  • Dog interaction: ears forward, soft whining, tail up and wagging, piloerect over shoulders, approached hd fast, placed head overtop hds, still whining and tail wagging, very forward no manners, typical intact male behaviors, no forward aggression observed but may overwhelm another dog.
  • His stray time is up so he can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Titan's video.

Rescue notes

Vet Notes: 12/30 Quiet and dull, slow to rise and weak as well as ataxic in rear legs, RR definitely slipping more than LR however no CP deficits appreciated. Subtle intermittent head tremor observed throughout exam as well. Very food motivated. No outward aggression seen but several points of freezing and hackles up with stare.
mm pink and moist, CRT<2sec, generalized yellow staining, heavy wearing of teeth and several are broken, significant overbite/parrot mouth. EENT - eyes are dull and slightly glazed; ear canals clean and dry; dry nose; benign TP. Dull course hair coat, thin in some areas, calluses on elbows and lateral tarsi appreciated. Heart sounds deep with resp arrhythmia and suspect L basilar murmur heard but difficult to auscult because distracted with food. Abdominal palp soft and doughy, no obvious masses appreciated. Comfortable head/neck ROM, resents full shoulder extension bilaterally and minor crepitus in both elbows, spine appears comfortable, limited muscle mass in both rear legs with hyperextension of both tarsi and both rear legs are weak and slide laterally with obvious significant wear of nails on both rear feet, hips have increased laxity, knees appears stable. Intact male, 2 testicles. Dog appears mentally dull and neurologic - ddx congenital / development anomaly such as hydrocephalus, chronic traumatic injury with residual deficits, infectious such as with tick borne or tetanus, or open. 4DX negative. Starting 625mg Metronidazole BID x 7days for antibiotic coverage in case of tetanus as well as 62.5mg Carprofen BID x 7days for inflammation. If passes behavior, due to special needs, recommend rescue only for additional diagnostics for abnormal mentation and ataxia as well as seemingly being undersocialized.
12/31 retrieved from kennel without incident. very food motivated. calm and interactive in clinic. ataxia persist, but gabapentin was started on intake. suspect hearing loss. d/c gabapentin and reasses Wednesday.
1/02 recheck today. ataxia has improved off gabapentin, but still present in hind legs. mentation still dull, but he responds to talking today by wagging tail. he does not appear used to touch- he flinches when you pet him. this might be related to hearing loss. still very food motivated, no resource guarding noted in clinic. changing status to awaiting rescue. will need neuro consult and observation.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 12/2010

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