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Reggie - 126334

Anxious and Fearful
  • Reggie is a sweet guy once he's out of the cage and he knows you're going to play with him.
  • He loves to play with squeaky tennis balls and he'll even bring them back to you.
  • He knows sit and lay down and catches toys when they're tossed to him.
  • Reggie is a 7 year old intact male Large Mix Breed, 50 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior; He has been displaying aggression in his cage and medical was not able to complete his exam due to him displaying aggression in the room (see vet notes at the bottom of his page).
  • Dog interaction: approached hd ears forward, very pushy, tail at spine level and right in hds face, no forward aggression but very forward, remained loose.
  • His stray time is up so he can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Reggie's video.

Rescue notes

Vet notes: 1/02 intact senior male, approx 7-8 years. very nervous in medical, did not like handling. was able to complete half of exam, but he started to lip curl with manipulation of hind limb, and again when i moved towards his head (body froze, turned head towards be and started to snarl). once exam stopped, he wagged his tail nervously. recommend rescue d/t behavior- too anxious on site.

Breed: Large Mix Breed

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 01/2012

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