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Wanda - 126181

  • Once she's out of her cage and outside or in a different room she is much more at ease and friendly.
  • She quickly warmed up and became playful but also wanted to sit by me for petting.
  • Wanda is a 2 yr old spayed female Medium Mix Breed, 27 lbs.
  • She is rescue only due to behavior; She has been displaying aggression in her cage towards people since she came in on 12/20; She will charge, snarl, and snap at some people but be fine with others; Most people are not able to remove her leash once they get her back in to her cage.
  • Dog interaction: approached hd sniff, tail wagging slightly, held over back, ears forward, pushy and right in hds face, no forward aggression observed.
  • Her stray time is up so she can leave at any time.
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Rescue notes

Vet notes: 12/23 Medical assistant went to retrieve for exam, at kennel front, fixed stare, dilated pupils, fully piloerect, standing next to food bowl, growling. Would take treats from medical assistant, opened door, stopped taking treats, loud, low growl, tail fully erect, lip curled, snarled. Treatment: 1. Trazodone 25 mg PO BID Starting anxiolytics and flipping status to awaiting behavior to allow additional time to decompress and triage behavioral needs in shelter setting prior to reattempting full exam. Concerned with persistent fear level specifically in kennel setting and with unfamiliar people. Will need to be able to more appropriately cope in shelter setting and be able to safely and comfortably interact with unfamiliar people if ok for adoption/rescue (at behavior staff's discretion).
12/27 young intact female, approx 2 years. was able to complete partial exam, but started lip lifting with more restraint. heart and lungs WNL. gait WNL. mm pink, crt 2 sec. very friendly when not being restrained. OK for spay, will need HWT, rabies, full ortho at time of spay.
12/28 Dr. Hadden. spay, Chip, ortho WNL. Post-op; Carprofen 25mg PO BID x 3 days.

Breed: Medium Mix Breed

Sex: Female

Date of Birth (estimated): 12/2016

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