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Blake - 125996

Active and a bit anxious
  • **UPDATE #3**His behavior in the shelter setting has continued to decline rapidly despite daily enrichment, kennel changes, and medication.
  • We are unable to continue to adequately provide for Blake given his behavioral decline; We are now asking for rescue assistance that he be pulled within the next 48 hours; If he is not pulled within 48 hours, we may, unfortunately, need to make difficult decisions regarding Blake?s future.
  • **UPDATE #2** He has been given Trazadone to help with his anxiety in the shelter setting; On 1/04 staff noticed his eye's were fully dilated and he was anxious throughout the day.
  • **UPDATE #1** We had to move him to a kennel with a top on it; He was observed to be snarling, kennel fighting, and leaping up trying to get into the dogs kennel beside him; He was able to catch his legs on the kennel sides and almost lept into the other dogs cage; Attempts were made to distract him but we were unsuccessful and he continued his attempts to get into his neighbors kennel.
  • Blake likes to play with people but can get a little mouthy and rough.
  • He likes to play fetch and he'll bring it back sometimes, other times he likes to play keep away.
  • Blake is a 3 1/2 yr old intact male Pit type dog, 49 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior; He has displayed reactivity to, and aggression towards, other dogs since he came into our building.
  • The first note from when he came in (12/15) states "Dog very reactive with other dogs in receiving; Charging front of cage anytime a dog came in sight or near; Once out of cage for vaccines, the dog lunged at another dog".
  • (Dog interaction 12/17) The second note of aggression is from the behavior assessment; When standing in the hallway speaking to another staff member, another dog was moving around and this dog half snarled, flipped in a circle, and was fully piloerect; Once outside we went behind barrier first given behavior in receiving, sniffing along fence line, still fully piloerect, ears forward - as the other dog approached his face he snarled and lunged with his tail held high; He met a second helper dog, he was sniffing the ground and the second dog approached, this dog was fully piloerect, tail high, ears forward, began low growling, hard stare, mouth closed tight and when attempting to disengage this dog snarled, lunged and jumped on the door trying to bite the second helper dog; Both helper dogs were calm, quiet, nonreactive and did not engage this dog; This dog attempted to engage both helper dogs in an offensive manner (stiff, mouth closed tight, snarling/lunging).
  • The third note is from today (12/26) and he is not improving; "Pupils dilated, snarling and kicking at the kennel, kennel fighting and biting at bars as dogs pass".
  • His stray time is up so he can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Blakes video.

Rescue notes

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 06/2015

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