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Jean - 124870

Sweet but can get scared
  • **UPDATE** She was brought into DPFL on 12/30 and overall did okay; No forward aggression like seen on retest; She was exuberant and trying to interact with both handlers in the yard; She did growl and snap at a couple dogs who were trying to engage her in play but took correction from me and never escalated; Would consider her dog SELECTIVE and may advise caution.
  • Jean is affectionate once she knows you.
  • She can be nervous and will need time to adjust to a new place.
  • Jean is a 5 1/2 yr old spayed female Pit type dog, 46 lbs.
  • She is rescue only due to behavior; She was returned for biting the owner; She has been released from quarantine and was not designated.
  • She was one of the dogs that participated in the Thanksgiving holiday sleepover; The host family wrote some notes about her and they are posted below.
  • The adopter had her for 2 weeks and the surrender form is below as well.
  • Some information about when she bit/snapped at people: He was sitting on the couch with his girlfriend when the dog climbed up between them, then snapped at the girlfriend; He said the dog snapped at his male friend, then a friend's girlfriend (with treats involved); He said he had been letting the dog off leash in the fenced yard but she wasn't coming inside so he grabbed her collar, when she bit at his inner thigh; He said it scratched, but did not break skin.
  • Jean ended up back here due to her jumping the shorter part of the fencing in the yard while someone was watching her; Our warden picked her up and the adopter released her to us.
  • Dog interaction: 11/13 Approached l/r tail wagging, sniffed and allowed other dog to sniff, positive interest, no play, no aggression.
  • Dog interaction: 12/27 Significant decline in dog interaction- immediately lunged snarling and tried to bite other dogs face; Completed rest of interaction through barrier for safety and Jean was lunging snarling and actively trying to bite other dog through barrier, quickly became more amped up/reactive and frustrated, pacing up and down fence line; Other dog also became reactive so removed other dog, gave Jean time to relax and played with me, then brought out another dog; Dogs met through fence- Jean was overly focused, head low, tail wagging tightly, and once other dog moved away she began lunging and snarling; During previous stay would have in playgroup but in G/D groups and usually smaller groups as she could quickly escalate and over correct; Behavior seen today was much more forward than anything previously seen in our care.
  • She can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Jean's video.

Rescue notes

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Female

Date of Birth (estimated): 05/2013

Interested in rescuing this dog? Email our Rescue Contact.

If you would like medical notes, please contact us.

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