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Mr. Tumnus - 121612

Handsome boy
  • **UPDATE** His behavior in the shelter setting has continued to be poor and unpredictable; We are unable to continue to adequately provide for Mr Tumnus given his behavioral decline; We are now asking for rescue assistance that he be pulled within the next 48 hours; If he is not pulled within 48 hours, we may, unfortunately, need to make difficult decisions regarding Mr Tumnus' future.
  • **Mr Tumnus will not receive any more photos or a video outside of his cage due to the bite risk.
  • Due to his strength, hyperactive nature and previous reports of human and dog aggression we recommend a large dog experienced home that can provide necessary behavioral modification.
  • Volunteers and staff report that Mr Tumnus is very treat motivated, loves toys (especially nyla bones), has mastered sit and is always excited to see people he knows.
  • Mr Tumnus is a 1 yr old neutered male Pit type dog, 64 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior towards people and dogs, we have had multiple reports from staff and volunteers of concerning behaviors in and out of his kennel; lunging at people, jumping up and growling, redirecting on handlers during dog interactions and head flipping when removing leash; this coupled with behaviors noted on his surrender forms indicate that he is unsafe to hold in the shelter environment.
  • Mr Tumnus has been returned to the shelter twice; his First surrender form notes Negative behaviors towards the resident dog, His second Surrender form notes issue with Mr Tumnus snapping at his owners when they corrected him; both forms can be viewed below.
  • Dog interaction: 8/09 Approached l/r tail wagging at spine level, sniffed and allowed hd to sniff, positive interest, no play, no aggression.
  • Dog interaction: 8/31 approached fast, tail wagging, sniffed and allowed other dog to sniff, muzzle punched other dog in the face, rough and rude but no aggression seen, parallel walked well.
  • Dog interaction: 12/17 let him approach fence to interact with helper dog; Initially interaction appeared to be going well but then he turned and displayed aggression towards the handler.
Click Here to view Mr. Tumnus' video.

Rescue notes

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 10/2017

Interested in rescuing this dog? Email our Rescue Contact.

If you would like medical notes, please contact us.

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