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Brita - 120834

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Rescue notes

Source - Owner Surrender (Return).
Age - 4 years, 1 months.
Sex - Spayed Female.
Breed - Large Mix.
Weight - 68 lbs.

**UPDATE** 11/22 Brita is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 11/28.

**UPDATE** 11/2 Brita is now in a real life room on the adoption floor. She went to playgroup again on 10/31 with one neutered male Pit mix and it seemed like she wanted to play but was very quickly overwhelmed. She is still best as the only pet in the home. Brita will be up for reevaluation on 11/08.

**UPDATE** 10/29 Brita remains stable but also hasn't had any adoption or rescue interest. She's been posted on the adoption and rescue site's since 9/11/21. She is still weary of strangers so likely won't show well here at the shelter. She will be up for reevaluation on 11/02.

**UPDATE** 9/22 Brita was sedated and her ears were rechecked on 9/21. There was significant improvement in her ears from her previous exam but they still seemed irritated so more long lasting medication was put in both ears.

**UPDATE** 9/18 Brita remains fearful but stable at this time. It would be in her best interest to be adopted or go into a foster home as soon as possible due to her fear level. She will be up for reevaluation on 9/24.

Bio ? Brita is available for rescue due to behavior concerns. She was originally surrendered to the shelter mid July 2018 because she played too rough with the youngest child in the home. Unfortunately we do not have any background information from that home. She was on the rescue list back then for her fearful behavior in her kennel along with severe fear associated with being leashed and having right hip dysplasia. She had improved enough and was made available for adoption after being on the rescue list for a couple weeks.

Brita was adopted mid August 2018 but they had to return her at the end of August 2021 due to not having any time or space for her. She was left free run of the home when alone, had accidents, lives with two adults, likes toys, slept on the couch at night, and likes car rides. She is very smart and knows sit, down, stay, come, shake (both paws), high five, and dance. Brita is noted to need to be muzzled when at the vet and when needing her nails clipped. The owners said that Brita does not do well with other dogs or cats and should be the only pet in the home but she has done well with children and adults.

Since being returned Brita has been very nervous with handling and has head flipped and snapped at several staff members. Due to her behavior when being handled we sedated Brita for an exam. She had severe ear inflammation and her right tympanic membrane was ruptured so we cleaned them out and then applied a long lasting medication. She has skin/allergy issues too so is being given Apoquel daily and that will need to be given to her daily for the rest of her life.

She is available for direct adoption to a home without any other pets. If she does not have an adopter or rescue commitment by 9/17 then she will be up for reevaluation.

Breed: Large Mix Breed

Sex: Female

Date of Birth (estimated): 07/2017

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