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Wilson - 118810

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Rescue notes

Source ? ACO Impound.
Age - 8 years, 10 months.
Sex ? Neutered Male.
Breed ? Pit mix.
Weight - 64 lbs.

**UPDATE** 8/01 Wilson is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 8/08.

**UPDATE** 7/26 Wilson is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 8/01. He has been at the shelter for 123 days now.

**UPDATE** 7/18 Wilson is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 7/25.

Bio ? Wilson is available for rescue due to behavior concerns. He was initially picked up by a Warden on 5/27/18 and was made available for adoption. He was good for medical staff for the first few months but then at the beginning of 10/2018 medical staff began to have issues with is behavior while in the clinic and with medicating his ears daily (due to infection). Wilson was placed on the rescue list 10/2018 due to dog aggression and difficulty treating him medically for his ears. Wilson was at the shelter for 159 days prior to a rescue group picking him up on 11/2/2018.

Wilson was adopted out at the beginning of April 2020. At some point the owner hired a dog sitter and they were walking Wilson outside without a leash on. When Wilson saw someone walking their dog (and pushing a stroller) he went and attacked the dog then went for the stroller. He injured the other dog pretty severely, but the dog did survive. He had scratched a person that was helping get him off the other dog, so he was in quarantine but wasn?t designated.

Wilson ended up back at our shelter on 3/25/22. He was nervous in his kennel but did really well with a staff person that got him out. They said he loved to play fetch, walks nicely on leash, and knows sit and down. That staff person worked with Wilson and taught him how to roll over for the talent show so he knows that now too. Wilson was started on anxiolytics upon coming back due to him showing FAS (fear/anxiety/stress). He has consistently been reactive towards medical staff while in his kennel but did well for his exam on 4/01/22. Staff and Volunteers have been working with Wilson since his return to hopefully get him more comfortable here. He was made available for adoption on 4/01 but was put on hold so we could investigate the claims of Wilson biting a person in 2020 (see incident described above). He is now available again but cannot be around any other animals at all and would be best in an adult only home.

On 4/08/22 medical staff had to recheck his ears because one was infected upon examination previously. He was nervous so they placed a basket muzzle with food in it and he did well. They tried to recheck him again on 4/15/22 but once in the exam room Wilson became tense and began hard staring at staff. He would not allow placement of the muzzle and after the second attempt Wilson began to growl so they didn?t push him any further. Another staff member got him out on 4/20/22 and he did really well. When they were outside a stranger approached and Wilson sniffed and solicited attention from them. They talked with staff for a while and Wilson remained calm and laid on the ground relaxing the entire time.

He is available for direct adoption to a home with no other pets and no children. He will be up for reevaluation on 4/29.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 05/2013

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