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Reynolds - 94625

People oriented big guy
  • He seems housebroken, loves toys, and to run around and play with his person.
  • Reynolds is a 7 1/2 yr old neutered male Pit type dog, 64 lbs.
  • He is rescue only due to behavior; His dog interaction is not appropriate for the adoption floor.
  • He originally arrived at the shelter at the end of July 2016 as a stray; He was adopted Aug 2016 but then returned Aug 2017; He was then adopted Oct 2017; He came back at the end of Dec 2018 and the owner never reclaimed him.
  • Dog interaction: 8/02/16 approached in a forward manner, nub high and wagging, piloerect over shoulders, whining, sniffed and allowed HD to sniff, jumping on HD and trying to mount, very forward, pulled away and he began alarm barking and screaming, seems very frustrated.
  • Dog interaction: 8/2017 approached fence line near hd, sniffing around, ears forward, stiffened slightly the longer hd stayed around, began alarm barking, had to pull away, nub wagging, alarm barking at hd if hd would walk too close, but easily called away, dog to dog very similar to first two, best as only dog.
  • Dog interaction: 1/7/19 approached HD a little tense but sniffed and without warning tried to bite HD, went behind fence to try again and he became reactive (HD was an intact female and was very friendly and wiggly throughout the interaction).
  • He can leave at any time.
Click Here to view Reynolds' video.

Rescue notes

Vet notes: 1/03 Mature adult male neutered pit bull type mix. BAR and interactive upon entering exam room. Very easily aroused, TOY MOTIVATED, vocal when playing with toy likely secondary to anxiety and high arousal in shelter setting. Tolerant of handling, 'needle shy' with head flip and snap for sedation. When not being directly handled in veterinary context, no concerns with interactions. MM pink, CRT < 2 sec, BCS 5.5/9; EENT: Teeth - all adult present, mild to moderate dental staining diffusely, ears/eyes/nose - wnl; CV: nsf, no murmur ausculted, panting, femoral pulses strong/synchronous; Resp: normal bronchovesicular sounds all quadrants; Integument: live fleas; Abdomen: mildly overweight, limited palpation due to arousal level; Ortho: behavior reported a right hindlimb non-weight bearing lameness (not repeatable out of kennel), when medical assistant removed from kennel this afternoon for exam reported dog resting in right lateral recumbency, stood up without bearing weight on RH and then was ambulatory x 4 remainder of way to clinic, grade 2 bilateral MPLs with associated patella alta, muscling largely symmetrical, hips tight; Urogenital: neutered. Sedation: Butorphanol 0.3 mg/kg, Acepromazine 0.03 mg/kg IM Pelvic Radiographs: Femoral heads well seated within acetabulum, appropriate coverage, mild muscle atrophy R>L; however, mild rotation of positioning makes pathophysiology difficult to confirm
Stifle Radiographs: Patella alta with subtle DJD
Treatment: 1. Capstar 2. Revolution 3. Carprofen 62.5 mg PO BID x 14 d
Flipping status to awaiting behavior with note to flip back to hold in vet care for final disposition assessment. Recommend bilateral MPL repair given intermittent clinical nature of orthopedic disease.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 08/2011

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