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Dez - 162922

The current rescue page will be decommissioned here soon so we have made a Trello board for the rescue list dogs just like we have for the foster dogs. Click Here to view the Trello board for the rescue list dogs.

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Rescue notes

Source - ACO Impound.
Age - 2 years, 4 months.
Sex - Neutered Male.
Breed - Pit mix.
Weight - 61 lbs.

**Dez qualifies for the shelter promise training voucher. Anyone who adopts him or the rescue that pulls him will receive a voucher good for a FREE one-on-one behavior assessment and training plan.

**UPDATE** 3/14 He is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 3/20.

**UPDATE** 3/10 Additional information in on his Trello page about how he did the two days he was at his foster to adopt home.

**UPDATE** 3/06 Dez is stable at this time and is now up for reevaluation on 3/13.

**UPDATE** 2/04 Dez went out with a staff member and they reported he was extremely strong on the leash. They fit him with a gentle leader and started working with him on it. They took a short walk to the lobby and he did much better with his pulling. He's still getting used to it but once he's comfortable it will be a good tool to help curb his pulling on walks.

Bio ? Dez is available for rescue due to his extended shelter stay. He doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention from potential adopters. He was picked up by a Warden on 8/31/22 after being called in as a stray. He went to a foster to adopt home on 9/29/22 but was returned on 10/28/22 due to being too much for the children in the home. He would get in the 4 yr old's face and try to lay on the 8 month old. Dez played with the other two dogs in the home. They said he was housebroken and was left free run of the home when left alone.

A note from staff on 12/14 indicates that Dez had started showing signs of anxiety in his room. He had been seen with his paws on the handle of the room, panting, and drooling. He was started on anxiolytics at that time. Dez went on a sleepover on 1/29 with a Volunteer with no other people or pets in the home. They said he was a nice mix between snuggly/lazy and high energy. Dez slept for more than 8 hours straight over night. He enjoyed walks outside but once back inside got the zoomies which sometimes escalated into being mouthy. He is not fully housebroken but he only had a few pee accidents but those were likely due to him gulping down water several times. Dez pulls hard on leash when walking outside especially when he wanted to sniff something or wanted to chase squirrels.

He was tested with a female dog on 9/2/22 and he was a little tense and piloerect at first but ended up playing well. Dez was tested again on 12/21/22 and he was pulling hard to the fence, was immediately reactive, muzzle punching the fence, and trying to bite the other dog through the fence.

He is available for direct adoption.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 09/2020

Interested in rescuing this dog? Email our Rescue Contact.

If you would like medical notes, please contact us.

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