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Paz - 158333

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Rescue notes

Source - ACO Impound.
Age - 3 years, 5 months.
Sex - Neutered Male.
Breed - Pit mix.
Weight - 66 lbs.

**Paz qualifies for the shelter promise training voucher. Anyone who adopts him or the rescue that pulls him will receive a voucher good for a free behavior consultation and $250 towards any additional training services.

**UPDATE** 11/26 Paz is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 12/02.

Bio ? Paz is available for rescue due to his lengthy stay at the shelter. As of 8/24 he has been at the shelter for 166 days. Unfortunately he does not enjoy the company of other dogs and we believe this is the reason he keeps getting over looked. A Volunteer took him on a sleepover at the end of May and he did really well. There were no other animals or people in that home.

The only issue, besides not getting along with other dogs, Paz has had here is that he was on bite quarantine in mid June due to biting a staff member. He was not designated since the staff member was holding him for a vaccine booster and feeding him treats. He thought he was getting another treat but got their hand instead.

Paz likes to carry around a toy, typically his Kong, around while out on walks. Sometimes he will drop it and the person can pick it up without any issues and when he's done sniffing around he'll come back to the person for his toy again. Paz loves a good bum scratch, loves treats, and likes to "talk" to people as well (especially if they are slow on giving him his treat).

He was tested with another dog in playgroup and when he was in the introduction pen he kept muzzle punching the fence, was hyper-focused on the other dog, and kept barking at the other dog. The dog that was in the yard was visibly not comfortable with Paz so they did not muzzle Paz and allow him in. At the end of March he tried to slip past a staff member and go after another dog but the person was able to grab his collar.

He is available for direct adoption, for foster care through FCDS, and for a rescue organization to pull. If you are interested in fostering please email the Foster Coordinator at [email protected] He will be up for reevaluation on 8/31.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Date of Birth (estimated): 03/2019

Interested in rescuing this dog? Email our Rescue Contact.

If you would like medical notes, please contact us.

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