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Persephone - 154955

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Rescue notes

Source - Stray.
Age - 5 years, 7 months.
Sex - Spayed Female.
Breed - Pit mix.
Weight - 52 lbs.

**UPDATE** 8/01 Persephone is stable at this time and will be up for reevaluation on 8/08. Click Here to view Persephone's adoption summary for more information.

**UPDATE** 7/02 Persephone is going through some training to help with her reactivity. She will be up for reevaluation on 7/09.

**UPDATE** 6/24 Persephone is doing really well in her foster home with the established boundaries and training they've been doing. Persephone knows sit, stay, down, shake/paw, come (most of the time), look at me, and drop it. She will be up for reevaluation on 7/02.

**UPDATE** 6/17 Persephone is still having trouble meeting new people and will need continued behavior work once she's adopted or pulled by a rescue. She will be up for reevaluation on 6/24.

Bio ? Persephone is available for rescue due to behavior concerns. She came to the shelter as a stray with no background information on 10/28/21. She went to a foster home for the Christmas holiday sleepover on 12/21/21 and was returned on 1/01/22. The foster did report that Persephone was reactive towards the family member (male) they tried to introduce her to. They said she jumped on the person and was barking.

There was an incident on 1/29/22 with a family that was walking down the hallway the same time as Persephone. She became reactive towards the family and lunged and snapped at the child (approximately 10 yrs old). She was able to grab the childs coat and ripped it but didn't make contact with the childs skin. When the Volunteer was bringing Persephone back in the building, she became reactive towards a staff member and several other people in the hallway but didn't lunge or snap.

Another incident happened when Persephone was out for a walk on 2/06 with a Volunteer and when entering the building Persephone lunged at a person in the hallway. She was able to get ahold of the persons coat (no broken skin). Persephone was in a short-term foster home from 3/2-3/17. She did really well with the other same size neutered male Pit mix in the home. She is housebroken, crate trained, still a bit of a chewer and likes Benebones, is a polite houseguest, didn't show any resource guarding, and the dogs were fed separately.

Persephone went to another foster home on 4/03 and has been doing very well with the fosters in their home but is still uncomfortable when guests come over. They?ve tried introducing outside the house, in the house, keeping her crated for a bit, and on a leash. Persephone will settle until the guest moves then barks and sometimes lunges.

She was taken to playgroup on 11/16/21 with several dogs in the yard. Persephone was reactive towards a smaller very submissive female Pit mix so that dog was removed from the yard. She was allowed in the yard with the male Pit mix, and she did well with him. There's also a note from 12/01 that states she became hyper focused on a Chihuahua while she was in an office and the other dog had approached the office gate. She went to a short-term foster with another dog (same size playful neutered male Pit mix) at the beginning of March and did well with that dog. Persephone had a dog introduction with a potential adopter?s female hound mix. Persephone was very pushy and dominate and made the other dog very uncomfortable. Based on this interaction as well as her history of be selective with female dogs it is NOT recommended that she go to a home with another female dog.

She is available for direct adoption to a home with no kids, no cats, and no small dogs. She is still in her foster home and will be up for reevaluation on 6/03.

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Female

Date of Birth (estimated): 11/2016

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