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Meet Abraham

Abraham is a handsome, playful, affectionate boy who loves a good cuddle and the great outdoors. While on walks you can see him point at scents he smells just like an English Pointer, it's adorable. And he can be a great loose leash walker! He loves walks throughout the day, and when there are no distractions he does great on leash. He gets very excited when he sees squirrels or some dogs but is able to quickly relax once the distraction is past.
Abraham LOVES getting scratched! He'll press right up against you when you give him good neck and side scratches. He is such a sweet boy! He finds comfort in his crate and has no problem going there when we are ready to leave or go to sleep. He's house trained and patiently sits at the door to go out. He takes treats from your hands so softly and is a fast learner. He learns tricks in 3 tries, easily and quickly figures out puzzles.
Abraham also loves to lie in the grass out in the sun. He is content to enjoy the outside while you work in the yard... that also makes him sleepy and ready for a good nap.
Abraham is an energetic young pup, so a tall fenced in yard or many walks or runs a day will be best for him. He loves treats and is very smart. This handsome boy is a showstopper and will be a dream come true for the right person or family! Abraham should meet any resident dogs prior to adoption and may do best as the only dog right now as he's still figuring out what do to with other dogs.
Abraham has been back and forth to foster, so please take note of whether his status says In Foster or not. If it does not, you can come visit him in the shelter during open hours. If it does say In Foster then please email [email protected] to meet him.

More about Abraham

  • ID: 142186
  • Location: IN FOSTER
  • Age: 3.3 Years
  • Breed: Large Mix Breed (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Large
  • Weight: 53.4 lbs
  • Sex: Male (Neutered)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 18


Crate Trained Crate Trained
Housebroken Housebroken
Positive experiences with Children Positive experiences with Children
Shelter Favorite Shelter Favorite

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